Water Disruption Info

RegionBatu Pahat, Johor
Start Date17/10/2017
End Date17/10/2017
Time10.00AM till 6.00PM (8 HOURS)
Cause of DisruptionAir scouring at Taman Sri Sulong
Affected Area(s)ALL AREAS IN JALAN SRI SULONG, JLN SS1, SSĀ UTARA, SS1A, SS7/A, SS9, S11, SS12, SS13, SS14, SS15, SS17, SS19, SS21, SS22, SS23, SS24, SS25, SS26,SS27, SS28, SS29, SS31, SS33, SS35, SS37, SS39, SS41, SS43 AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Additional InfoComplaints or queries can be made by contacting SAJ INFO CENTER Talian Mesra at 1800-88-7474 and through SMS at 019-772 7474